Maximize Business Performance

With Cohr Groups cross-scientific and customized approach, you can measure, evaluate, predict and develop human behavior for maximized business performance.

Predict future performance with neuroscience and AI technology

Optimize human capital performance with the latest in neuroscience and technology. Measure, evaluate, and predict behavior to drive business success.

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How can Cohr Group help you?

Machine Learning and business data can revolutionize the way you manage human capital. With evidence-based insights and predictive analytics, you can make informed decisions efficiently.

HR data customized to your needs

Applying Cohr Group´s approach for your strategic HR initiatives allows your organization to make data-driven decisions in a business spectrum with soft values, but of crucial importance to the organizational performance. Cohr Group’s advisory teams employ highly trained statisticians in order to deploy deep statistical analysis for truly validated and performance-driving insights.

Establishing HR analytics enables effective consequence analysis and decision-making, providing data for an increasingly more holistic business management perspective needed when an organization realizes that people beat strategy.

Neuroscience as a competitive advantage

In-depth knowledge of how our brains work provides an edge on how to optimize human performance in business life. Employee energy & engagement, leadership influence, team functionality, and individual attunement; all aspects can be broken down into neural networks and brain chemistry. Cohr Group has developed methods to address these neurological functions in relation to business performance without oversimplifying current research.

Human capital development


Cohr Group provides executive development services of the highest quality, with a unique, in-depth knowledge of the psychology of people in combination with a comprehensive understanding of business conditions.

Cohr Group offers Development Assessments, with the related add-on services of Management Team Development, Assessment Centers, Coaching, and Stress Workshops. We primarily assess Top and Middle Management and have experience from a wide range of businesses ranging from private equity-held to publicly traded companies and start-ups embarking on global expansion via manufacturing, healthcare, security, tech, and education to non-profit organizations.

Spotting Valuable Employees and Their Potential for Growth

A cross-scientific team are with you all the way

As a partner for our clients, we employ our expertise in various settings and contexts where our experts are at disposal for all business-related questions.

We help you analyze, measure and predict HR-data and integrate it your current data streams and existing KPI Framework.

By adding interdisciplinary expertise that combines human behavior and business insights the organization adds a unique competence to management practices, allowing for unique insights to your business.


We have +20 years of experience in assessing executives, talents and teams and develop them ​


We have proof of concept to use advanced statistics, AI-models and sustainable customization​


We adapt and align with your existing data streams ​


We are passionate of serving you 24/7​

Do you want the ability to predict the future?

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